Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interactive Math Notebooking - the Setup

I just finished a presentation at the Teaching and Learning Conference on interactive notebooking. I had presented previously at my home school, but this was a county-wide event for PD right before school starts. It was a great time to reflect on last year's notebook, so I thought I should post some pics of what my student ISNs (interactive student notebooks) looked like last semester. Half of the ideas are mine, half I found on Pinterest or around on the interwebs, but if I've posted an idea you created, let me know so I can give you credit. 

Ok - let's start with the setup pages. Here's my table of contents - stars are beside the beginning of each unit. I'm going to use tabs this year as well to help students navigate their notebooks. 
 Rules & Parts of an ISN - I found this and adapted it to my needs. 
 This page was their rules guided notes - I adapted this off of this site
 And finally, in the back, this was their constant reminder of what they needed to have to get a good notebook grade at the end of the grading period. 

The only other setup item I had was a front pocket (I had them tape in a half sheet of paper on three sides), and a QR code contact card shown in my previous post. This year, instead of a pocket, I'm having them tape in a CD envelope. I'm hoping it will keep the small pieces inside the notebook more effectively. 

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