Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2012 ISN

Here are some of the meat-and-potatoes shots of my 2012 math ISN. I will be using many of these pages again, but I tried to give you a variety of types of pages, so you can get an idea for the possibilities of these notebooks. 

inside this one had the steps to find each and an example

under each flap was the step worked out and explained

on the left: frayer models found here and an outline with labels of a box plot
on the right: we did a class activity where we measured their hand spans, used the data to create a box plot, then labeled the hand with each finger representing a number from the five number summary. 

Histograms notes
This is a typical notes page - I try to model using visual cues (arrows/underlines/circles). 

Color coding two way tables notes

Fraction to Decimal conversion foldable

inside of the fraction to decimal conversion foldable

This foldable acted as an interactive fraction. 

Inside of the relative frequency foldable

This is a review cards page. At the end of a unit, we would write down 6 questions that covered the meat of the unit. Students would answer them on the back of the card, then tape them in on one side. At the end of the six weeks, we took all of the out and put them on a ring for instant exam flashcards. 

More frayer models

Combining Like Terms - they got a strip of paper with an expression. They had to cut it apart, then sort them according to like terms, then simplify the expression. 

We did a smaller example of this before they did a couple on their own.

This was another review page. All of the I can statements from the unit, with 2 questions under each. 

Quadrant foldable - the letters go around from quadrant 1-4. Great visual reminder for the kids on where quadrant one is located. 

Is it a Function? Foldable notes outside

Is it a Function? foldable notes inside

Function Cut and Sort
Students got all of these pieces jumbled up on a page, cut them out, then sorted them into the categories of Function or not. This is a GREAT activity for any topic with categories or classifying. 

This is a page where they had to graph. I have a 12 graphs to a page master copy that I use, and I create around 100 copies of it at the beginning of the year. When they need a picture of a graph in their notebook, I hand out a strip to a row, and they each get one. I use these. I usually had the page precut into strips of 3 or 4, which matched my rows. 

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