Monday, August 5, 2013

Classroom Decorating

Wow it's been quite a week. I was at the Meredith Math Institute learning about how to create rigorous math tasks for Math 1 students - lots of good stuff there. If you teach Math 1, 2, or 3, check out this google group: it's free to join, and we have posted all of the tasks from the week.!forum/navigating-seven-seas

Right before I left for Raleigh, I had a chance to go school supply shopping and pick up my class decor stuff - fabric and bins and such. I'll post pictures once I get my room set up (this morning was the first morning we could access our rooms), but for now, this should give you a decent idea. 

Most of the fabric I found in the clearance section of Walmart, and together for 1-2 yards of each, it was around $15.  

I am so in love with that purple batik! I'm also super happy to have two of the same pattern but in a dark and light version. One of those two will become my curtains for my room. 

The solid colors will be used for the bulletin boards - I love being able to reuse them year after year, and they don't fade like the butcher paper does. My boards are across from the window, so that was a definite concern this year. 

I have 3 preps this year, so everything will be color coded in these 3 colors. Blue = Algebra Two (see what I did there? HAHA), purple = Algebra 1/Math 1, and green is foundations. I need a pneumonic device for those second two. (My hubby suggested "purple is for derples," but I don't think that will work.)

The ribbon will be woven around the crates. (An idea I found on Pinterest)  One of the great things about Walmart is I can get everything in the same colors, since they're made by the same company. The ribbons, fabric, boards, and crates match almost perfectly!

While we're color coding, I also made these contact cards to put in the front of their interactive notebooks. It has my website, google voice number, and email both in print and as QR codes. 

Download the template for free here. 
I used the website to come up with the QR codes. 

I also made these supply labels - download the free template here

That's it for now - coming soon: pictures of last year's Math ISN. 

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