Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cool Thing of the Day

I promise this post isn't spam...I just really like this tech tool!!
I got a gift for Christmas that I have been using like CRAZY ever since I got it.

It's an eWriter called Boogie Board Sync. Super cool!

There are $20 versions that act just like scratch paper, but don't use paper. It's basically a magna-doodle for adults. I have one of those (and have for a while) but I mostly just use it to replace a billion post it notes & to do lists on my desk.

The one I got for Christmas is a bit more (around $70-80), but you can save your drawings/writings/etc. using bluetooth. Which means I can hand-write solutions, and save them to post for students! We all know there are times that creating a geometric drawing or some math mumbo-jumbo that just isn't convenient to create electronically.

This thing lets me sketch out what I want, & save it as an image. I can edit it later, highlight, etc. once it's saved on my iPad. Then I can use the images in tests, worksheets, or just to project when going over answers.

Just thought I'd share! :)

Thoughts for other uses:

  • Differentiation during small group time. It would be so easy to write out 1-2 problems, click save, and export to classroom, or drive, for students to work on. 
  • Use live mode with students & smartboard - this can function just like an airliner
  • Student observation notes. Maybe connected to evernote, and saved in some sort of classroom file? I'm always writing myself notes about what I need to work with a student a bit more on, or misconceptions I'm seeing. 


  1. I was wondering if your Bookie Board Sync will display directly through a smartboard or interactive projector? I am looking for something to replace my Airliner, which is no longer supported by SmartBoard.

  2. I think it would depend on the device attached to the SB or projector. In my classroom, I have an ipad cable that I could use the Sync app to show live writing with. There's also a desktop download that's specifically designed for acting like an airliner! The link to that is here:

    I haven't used that part of it yet, but it sounds like it would replace an airliner pretty well - it just wouldn't save as a notebook file. It would save as an image or pdf.