Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 ISN Setup

This year, I have completely changed how my students are doing interactive notebooks. 

Each student has 4 1-subject notebooks. The first will be used all semester, and the other 3 will be used for each of the 3 grading periods. The notebook for each grading period will be used for homework and notes, and the notebook that will be used all semester has 5 sections for Daily Quizzes, Formulas & Reference, Vocabulary, Review Questions, and Warmups. 

Here's the 1st 6 weeks Notes ISN setup so far:

  • Title Page
  • Math Notebook Rules
  • Unit 1 Table of Contents Page
  • Unit 1 Notes & Homework

We're using the unit TOC from Math=Love found here. Beside it is their homework log and Daily Quiz scores, which will be signed and collected at the end of each unit. 

For the Reference ISN, the first 4 pages look like this:
They fill in a daily I can sentence, and the page number to match. Then at the end of class, they fill in their Daily Quiz score to the right (It's my new modified SBG system - more info to come soon). 

The rest of their notebooks is divided up into 4 sections as mentioned above. Each section has a tab, and a purple page header as shown. We'll be using them throughout the semester for general reference and warmups. 

I really like separating these sections from the notes and homework by putting it all in a separate notebook. While some students took a few days to catch onto the routine, by Friday this system was working like a charm. It also lets me grade their warmups while still allowing them to bring their notes home. 

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