Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Quick Update & Summer PD Links

Well hi!
It's been a long summer, but quite a lot has happened in the meantime. 
Here's a run-down on the personal stuff that's been going on:

  • I spent most of the summer working on creating PD sessions. (Links to follow below)
  • I also worked for my county on a technology team and a curriculum team. 
  • Every other spare moment was spent quilting. *Sigh of bliss*
  • My husband and I spent time converting the guest room into a sewing studio.
  • I got a new job (EEEP!) on weekends teaching quilting classes. (I'm Sew excited! HEHE)
  • 2 weeks into having a sewing studio, I found out my sister would be moving in with us. She got a job in NC in the same county as me teaching 5th grade, so she moved up from Florida on a Friday just in time for the first workday the following Monday!
  • And of course there has been plenty of room decorating and resource finding over the summer. 
Whew! I've had students for ONE FULL WEEK now, and I (almost) forgot how FUN getting new students is. I love it. 

Ok. So let's cover a couple of quick links I've promised first. 
Here are the links to Livebinders I used to present at PD sessions over the summer:
While we're busy linking up to resources, have you found me on Pinterest? Most of my brainstorming and resource collecting happens there. Follow me to see and share what I find. I also post all of my interactive notebook through Evernote each year. Here's the link for my Math 2 notebook this year. 

This year, I was also fortunate enough to begin participation in a technology team, which means I get 10 iPads just for my room this year! I'm so excited to start using them with my students. 

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