Friday, January 29, 2016

Do you know where 2/11 is on a blank circle?

I've been going through the gem list from resourceaholic. I found it about a month ago, bookmarked it, created a checklist in Trello to keep track of my progress, and have been slowly working my way through all 40-something lists. There are so many great ideas, links, and other people to follow embedded in these short, 5-item posts. When I finish up a big project or need a brain break or just need to be inspired, I open up the next one and explore a little. 

Today, I got to Gem #15

The first item is this cute little fraction applet, called Slice the Pie
To play the game, you hover over a circle, and click where you want the shaded part of the circle to stop. (So you could shade a tiny slice, or a giant slice)

The object of the game is to shade the amount of the pie indicated by the fraction shown. However, there aren't any partitions shown (just a blank circle). You have to use your own number sense to get as close as you can. Do you know where 2/11 is on a blank circle? 1/12? 23/30?

I love the estimation skills, the number sense, & how relative number sizes are all a part of this easy, quick, little game. I can even see using something like this when starting the unit circle. (Can you shade for pi radians? pi/4 radians?)

My first try, I scored a 49. Can you beat that?


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I have saved this on my new Trello account (thanks to you). I can see making this into a quick game to use a few extra minutes after a test.

  2. its a great idea thanks for sharing this informative post