Monday, June 16, 2014

ISN Setup for next year

I've been sitting in PD all day now - and as a natural result, I've been thinking about what to do differently for next year. The PD is for a technology team that I applied to, and I'll be getting 10 iPads for my students to use for participating.

A couple things I know about what I want for next year:

  • Increased use of centers, stations, and collaborative activities
  • Continued use of the interactive notebooks
  • Increase student accountability for the standards-based assessments (retesting requirements)
  • Better spiraling of review topics, especially with warmup questions
I think I'm going to switch my ISNs to be 5 subjects. For the past few years, I've used 1-subject notebooks (1 per grading period). This past semester, I also had the students count out the last 15 pages to use as a warmup section - which I LOVED. No more answering "what page does the warm-up go on?" when I forget to write it on the board. (Or, let's be honest. I still answer that question a few times even when the answer is written on the board.)

For the fall, I'm finally going to switch to a 5-subject notebook. We'll use 1 subject for each of the 3 grading periods. The other 2 subjects will be for warmups and grade tracking/standards based assessments/EOC review.  

I'm looking for a good way to track homework as well - at this point, unless one of you send me an awesome idea, I'll have a modified reading log taped to the back cover that will show their homework grades for the entire semester. My goal is for them to be able to see their homework grades right beside their unit test grades (in the hopes that they will realize how much completed homework helps their grades). 

Break's over - let me know if you have any great ISN ideas for me. I'll post more over the next 2 weeks as I hear great ways to integrate technology when I get through all of these PD sessions. 

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