Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Common ISN Pages and Components

Ok, this will be short and sweet, and pic-heavy. 
I just wanted to share some of the most common parts of my students' ISNs. 

First, our scavenger hunt page. We do a LOT of scavenger hunts. So here's how we set up our page. Most scavenger hunts I make are 10 questions since it's few enough to keep it competitive, but long enough to provide the needed practice. They use the list of letters at the top as a checklist, put the letter in the small box, and show their work in the larger box. We fold the paper into twelfths to get this setup. 

Next, our table of contents: each unit's first page is a highlighted number, and is also the location of a tab. 

As you can see, I've labeled tabs both by unit and by topic. I prefer by topic. I simply cut 2 inch squares using my paper cutter, and pass them out at the beginning of a unit. We fold them in half and then tape them in.

Next, I wanted to show you another COMMON page in all notebooking. A normal, fill-in-the-blank worksheet. I'm including this only to show that not every page is going to look like something off of Pinterest. Really. And it shouldn't. Our students need a bit of diversity in their learning, and worksheets can provide that! The one pictured is my guided-notes version of the syllabus. They fill in the notes based off of
my first-day-of-school Prezi

What's a way to make a worksheet a LITTLE bit prettier? A pocket! Just cut a piece of paper into fourths!

Lastly, I just wanted to show that not everything goes into our interactive notebooks. Student tests I keep filed away. Their quizzes and warmup papers are kept in their math folder, shown below. 

In the center of the folder are reference pages, such as the class syllabus, calculator and formula reference pages, and their tracking pages for their grade, minute drills, and skill mastery. 

Warmup Sheet up close - this is my answer key. They have to show work. 
You can buy this page from my TPT store. It lasts each student all week long, and I count it as a quiz grade. 

Minute drill tracking sheet - see my previous post on this

More pages to come soon!

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