Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Algebra 1 Pages

So here are some of my Algebra 1 pages - again, these mostly aren't my idea. I'll post the link if I can, but some of them I've been using for too long to remember where they came from. 

Finding the equation of a line review - this was a review in a day for Algebra 2, and on the unit review day for algebra 1. 

This page is an example of how to incorporate examples in a non-traditional way. Organize the page differently, and voila! you have an ISN page that is much more student-friendly. 

This is a glimpse of our function notation page - this coming semester I'm going to use stickers to reinforce the idea. I think if a student physically places a sticker over x, it will be a stronger connection for the idea of substitution. 

Slope guy and the slope treasure hunt

For our five number summary, they had to space the numbers out evenly on a sentence strip - then we talked about the meaning of median/Q1/Q3. Having a paper folded into fourths enforced the idea of 4 sections, 5 separators. For whatever reason, I had students struggling with the idea of 5 numbers helping us organize 4 sections of numbers. It helped that the paper had 5 folds/edges to separate it into fourths. 

Typical "notes" page - color to reinforce connections in the process. 

We did an entire week of quadratic word problems - so as we worked, we cut and sorted these problems onto 3 pages. 

Comparing LQE functions - inside was just characteristics and pictures/tables/examples

Fun with Functions worksheet - I've lost the link for this. If you've got it, comment below please!

Translating Functions

We used a transparency sheet cut into fourths and dry erase markers to graph and slide a line over a taped-down grid. This was a great hands on activity!!

Midpoint and Endpoint notes

Systems of Inequalities notes


  1. Oooh! Such pretty, colorful pages! I'm so excited to discover your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I've been a fan of yours for a while!

  3. Hi Sarah, I love your ideas! Where can I find a crossword puzzle like you used that has the boxes blacked out to help them complete each step in equations one at a time? Thanks!

  4. Dana,
    The link to that was one I found on Pinterest -